Thank you!

The Museum at Eldridge Street is grateful to our donors for your generous support. You help us keep our doors open and our lights on. You ensure the continued life of the 1887 Eldridge Street Synagogue, our home and a major American Jewish landmark.  You support classes for more than 7,500 school children and over 800 adult learners. You help us present festivals and concerts that bring together the diverse immigrant communities of our Lower East Side neighborhood. You help us tell the story of the Jewish immigrant experience for visitors of all races and faiths and from all around the world. Together we are stewards of this remarkable 1887 landmark and ensure its vitality for generations to come.


To contribute today or request additional information, please call Eva Bruné at 212.219.0888 ext. 202 or

Words from our Donors
“I donate to preserve the synagogue for my children and for generations to come.”

“It is crucial that such an important building, which very often gave persecuted immigrants a place of refuge and freedom to practice, should never be lost to this city or world. It was, and is now, a beautiful building.”

“Visiting the synagogue is like visiting Ellis Island. The spirits of my father’s father and mother and all of my great-grandparents are in the pews and the windows and chandeliers and prayers books and bimah.”

“Eldridge Street should be maintained throughout the ages so it can inspire future generations of not only Jewish people but also people of all faiths.”

“It is a joy to visit – and you can’t beat the quality of the classes and the folks who teach them.”

2018 Annual Fund Contributors

Gifts made between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018

Gifts of $50,000 and Over

The Marc Haas Foundation
The Alice Lawrence Foundation, Inc.
Michael Weinstein/The Weinstein Foundation

Gifts of $25,000 and Over

The David Berg Foundation
William and Dewey Edelman Charitable Trust
The Goldie Anna Charitable Trust
Paula and Jeffrey Gural
New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature

Gifts of $10,000 and Over

Lorinda Ash
Atran Foundation Inc.
Dynamics for Change Foundation, Inc./Bonnie and Tony Dimun
Epstein Teicher Philanthropies
Fried Frank Harris Shriver & Jacobson LLP/Jonathan Mechanic
Martin R. Geller
Morris and Arlene Goldfarb Family Foundation, Inc.
Maxwell Graham
Roberta Brandes Gratz
Alyssa and Cliff Greenberg
J. Ira and Nicki Harris Foundation
HUB International Northeast
The Lucius N. Littauer Foundation, Inc.
Morton and Barbara Mandel Family Foundation
Eve and Stephen Milstein
Lori and David Moore Family
National Endowment for the Arts
City of New York Dept of Cultural Affairs in Partnership with the City Council
Leo Rosner Foundation
Slovin Foundation
Helene and Steven Walsey
Lise and Jeffrey Wilks Family Foundation

Gifts of $5,000 and Over

Lisa and Lance Africk
Elias A. Cohen Foundation, Inc.
Raymond M. Connors
Adam Flatto
Jacob Hager
Marta Jo Lawrence
The Nat R. and Martha M. Knaster Charitable Trust
Maria and Michael Osheowitz
Diane Rosenstein and Paul H. Rich
The Robert Sillins Family Foundation Inc.
Stainman Family Foundation Inc.
Michael Tuch Foundation, Inc.
Valley National Bank

Gifts of $1,000 and Over

Soon-Yi Previn and Woody Allen
Barbra and Frank Arnold
David Bershad Family Foundation, Inc.
Susan Duke Biederman and Daniel A. Biederman
Rene Bloch Foundation
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Rita and Ernest Bogen
Roberta and Stanley M. Bogen
The Chazen Foundation
Cantor Hayley Kobilinsky Poserow/Congregation B’nai Yisrael of Armonk
The Crystal Family Foundation
Paula and Brian Daniels
Carole de Beer
Beth Rudin DeWoody and Firooz Zahedi
Mitzi and Warren Eisenberg Family Foundation
Avigail and Akiva Eisenstadt/ Avigail Eisenstadt Design Group
Helaine and Barry Emen
Essig-Enrich Family Foundation, Inc.
Donald B. Epstein
Janet and Peter Ezersky
Phyllis M. Freed
Deborah and JD Friedland
Mindy B. and Laurance Friedman
Hana L. Fuchs
Lyla and Howard Glener
Ellen and Neil Gold
Jill and Brad Gordon Family Foundation
Kathryn O. Greenberg
The Martin J. Gross Family Foundation Inc.
Roger J. Herz
T. Higgins Construction Corp.
Nathaniel Jacobson-Kim
Annabelle and Hamilton James/James Family Foundation
Jewish Community Youth Foundation
Mark E. Kolb
Arthur Korant
Kristen Korndoerfer/DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners
Carol and Michael S. Kurtz
Raymond J. Learsy
Laurence C. Leeds, Jr.
Joel E. Leizer
Mindy Schneider and Michael Lesser
The Samuel M. Levy Family Foundation
Jay L. Lewis Family Charitable Fund
Joyce Gordon and Paul Lubetkin
Rabbi Marc Margolius
Judy and Bob Mate
Maury Donnelly & Parr, Inc.
Jay Mazur/21st Century ILGWU Heritage Fund
Eugene M. Lang Foundation
Manhattan Borough President’s Office, The Honorable Gale Brewer
Lewis S. Meltzer
Lisa and Wayne S. Miller
Y.H. Mirzoeff & Sons Foundation Inc.
The Doris and Isaac Moinester Foundation
New York City Department for the Aging
Ruth Norek
Deborah Ugoretz and Samuel Norich
Stephen Novick
NYC & Company Foundation, Inc.
Maria and Vincent Pascal
Tatiana Simonova and Michael G. Reiff
David Rockwell/Rockwell Group
Global Coverage, Inc./Philip J. Rosenthal
Harriet and Eric Rothfeld
Christopher H. Rothko
William Rubenstein
Dara Perlbinder and Richard Rubin
Henry Schein/Henry Schein, Inc.
Charles and Mildred Schnurmacher Foundation, Inc.
Shanti Foundation for Intercultural Understanding
The Silver Family Foundation
Ellen and Morton Silver
Bonnie and Allen Sirkin
Jane and Frances Stein Foundation
Ashley Steinhart/Lowenstein Sandler LLP
Henry Stifel
Stoller Family Charitable Lead Annuity Trust
The Wine Enthusiast Foundation Inc.
Judy and Warren Tenney Foundation
Sharon and Joel Waller
Hennie and Shimon Wolf/Wolf Maryles & Associates LLC
Judith and Stanley Zabar
Judy Francis Zankel
Ray Kurdziel and Howard Zar
Lois Robbins and Andrew Zaro
Cathleen S. Zepelin
Beth and Scott B. Zucker

Gifts of $500 and Over

Elie Abemayor
Susan Adler
Lisa Anderson
Susan and Eric Baelen/LPL Financial
Barham Family Foundation
Mary Ellin Barrett
The Belz Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Berni
Dolly and Julio Botton
Bruce and Maura Brickman
Ronnie G. Caplane Gift Fund
Jacqueline and James Cohen
Maryjo Cohen
Simon and Eve Colin Foundation, Inc.
Barbara Ditzian
Barry, Hilit, Tillirose, and August Edelstein
Howard S. Edelstein
Martin Elias
Clarice Feinman
Nancy and Robert Friedman
Naomi Gat
Jennifer F. and Alan S. Goldfarb
Sylvia G. Gordon
Peter Lewis and Betsy Gotbaum
Sally and Roger Hoffman
Sivia Kaye
Phyllis Kirschenbaum
Isobel R. Konecky
Roberta Koza
Sondra Gural Markoff
John D. Marmo/Martab Medical-SCC
Mark Willensky and Maureen McGurl
The Carole and Harold Moskowitz Family Foundation
Laurence J. Murphy
C. E. Nelson Charitable Fund
Network for Good
Harold J. Newman
Lawrence Orenstein
Alaleh and Ariel Ostad
Lynda B. Kaplan and Richard Rabinowitz
Saul D. Raw
Elliott C. Rosch
Robyn and Stuart Saltzman
Jackie and David Schiro
Steven Schwartzman
Jean and Devin Sharkey
Richard Soden
Spielman Family Foundation
Kenneth M. Wachtell
Norman I. Weisman
Linda Filer and Bradford Wiley II
Myles F. Wittenstein
Nora and Barry Yood
The Gellin Zalaznick Foundation Inc.

Gifts of $250 and Over

Suzan Aird
Karen Angelowitz
Marilyn Belous
Susan and Bruce Berger
Roberta Berken
William Bernhard
Amy M. Boorstein
Arline Borteck
Broder-Wentworth Fund
Margaret M. and Frank Caulson
Bobbi and Barry Coller
Yvette Stacey Cumberbatch
Alvin Deutsch
Doris and Leo Dreyfuss
Howard S. Edelstein
Miriam H. and Thomas N. Farmakis
Barry R. Feldman
Femenella and Associates
Gloria Fishfader
Anne and Gerald Freedman Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Maralyn Friedman
Joseph and Rae Gann Charitable Foundation
Jon Goldstein/CharacTours Inc.
The Jane and Lawrence Gould Charitable Fund
Jay Bruno and William F. Gratz
Joyce and Gerald Hoch
Dr. and Mrs. Zachary I. Hodes
Sherry Jacobson
Vivian and Stuart Koenig
Joann and Robert Todd Lang
Warren K. Laskey
Marsha and Neil O. Lawner
Renee Luebke
Mik Moore
Mullaney Family Charitable Fund
Paula Newberg
Cheryl Brandes Pine
Caroline and David Rasner
Murray Rosen
Sheri and James Rosenfeld
Martin and Florence Rothman Donor Advised Fund
Rubin Family
Andrew and Merrill Silver Fund
Sheila Stanger
Judy and Jack Stern
Dr. and Mrs. Harold Stevelman
Hazel Tishcoff
Tulis Family Fund
Cynthia C. Wainwright
Geri and Sy Weiss
The Sarah and Harold Zalesch Fund, Inc.
Audrey Zimring
Susan Zinder

Gifts of $100 and Over

Jean Abrahamson
Carole and Israel Abramcyk
Beryl Abrams
Joan D. Ackerman
Joan Amron
Robert E. Appel
Penny and Robert Apter
Anna S. and Abraham Ascher
Jayne Asher
The Diane and Jean-Loup Baer Family Fund
Stanley L. Barrish
Nilda Bayron-Resnick
Carol First and Terry Becker
Carole Behrman
Meredith Berkman
Natalie and Phil Berkowitz
Rosalie and Lawrence J. Berman
Deborah R. Bernstein
Andrew J. Bernstein Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Binder
Joan Levitan Blanksteen and Charles Blanksteen
Helene A. Blieberg
Joan and David Blitz
Judith R. Bodner
Bruce Bolter
Harriet Siegel Boxer
Dorothy and Stephen Brenner
Shelley Brevda
Bert Brodsky
Bradford Brooker
Brout Family Fund
Phyllis E. and Irwin L. Browarsky
Barbara K. Brown
Norman and Tova Bulow Philanthropic Fund
Albert Burchman
Mitchell Burns
Gwen Calderon
Joshua R. Cammaker
Phyllis Caroff
Anne Cashman
Linda Clous
Dorrit and Alexander Coch
Francene Cohen
Norah Colton
Georgia Cooper
Erica and Allan Cyprys
Andrew P. Davis
Lynn and Joseph Deutsch
Charles Dimston
Peter Freiberg and Joe-Tom Easley
Abbe Eckstein
William B. Eimicke
Howard J. Eisen
Coula Farris
Ruth Fatt
Ruth Ann and Edward Feinberg
Arlene Feinman
Howard Feldman
Robert E. Fidoten
Maxine Finkelstein
Irene S. Fisher
Heidi Fiske
Sander A. Flaum Charitable Trust
Janet Fonseca
The Forest Family Foundation, Inc.
Charles A. Forma
Jane Frank
Gloria Berkenstat Freund
Ann Friedman
Anna Hessa and Alex Fu
Bernice Gailing Schwartz
Joyce and Sidney Gamburg
Deborah Gans
Sarah A. Gelber
Gary Gershfield
Ilene Rosenthal and Louis Geser
The Honorable Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Nancy and Steven Glener
Enid Glick
Ethel Gold
Joan H. Golding
Deborah Joan Goldstein
Stuart Goldstein
Marjorie and Irwin Goodman
Anita W. Graber
Lisanne L. Renner and Adam S. Grace
Madeleine and Stephen A. Green
The Greenberg Foundation
Richard A. Greenberg Fund
Sandra Greenberg
Francis J. Greenburger Charitable Foundation
Bill and Susan Feinberg-Greene
Dena E. and Abraham Greenstein
Jane Greenwood
Sofiya Grinberg
Paul L. Gross
Mark A. Grossbard
Sharon RIser and Kent Haas
Paula B. and Alan Halperin
David J. Hellerstein
Michael Herman and Family
Joyce R. Herner
John E. Herzog
Bernice and Jack S. Hoffinger
Allan A. Horland
Paula and Kenneth A. Horn
Gladys and John Horowitz
Carol and Joseph Horowitz
Leah Horowitz
Alisse Waterston and Howard Horowitz
Robert Vincent Huber
The Huffmanparent Family
Helene Imber
Taube G. Import
Miriam Indenbaum
Judith and Michael Israel
Judith Ellenbogen and George Isserles
Judith Jacobs
Eileen and Steven Janowsky
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Kagan
Bernice Kahn
Frances A. and Kenneth M. Kahn
Bernard Kalb
Altie Karper
Linda and Jerry Kasoff
Stanley Katz
Leanora Katzman
Leonard Kaye
Betty and Howard Kerpen
Marc Klapholz
Dr. Robert E. Kleiger
Roberta and Melvyn H. Klein
Stephan M. Klein
Judith and Martin Konikoff
Myron Kornbluh
Naomi and Paul Kronish
Marcia and Malvin Krupitsky
David F. Kuck
Carol and Steven S. Kuntz
Arlene Kurz
Jonathan Myles Kushner
Bernice and Jerome S. Lachs Philanthropic Fund
Carol A. and Alfred Landess
Harvey I. Leifert
Heidi D. Levin
Helen Levine
Erica-Lee Lewis
Adam Lichtman
L. Robert Lieb
Sue Glick Liebman and David Liebman
Susan Lippa
Cynthia Paula Loewy
The Lorber Foundation
Cynthia and Stanley Low
Philip Malinsky
Mandel-Schneier Family Fund
Morris Mansfield
Richard E. McGrath
Wendy Levine and Jonathan Mechanic
Morton Meltzer
Faith Menken
George Menken
Edward and Sandra Meyer Foundation
Paula Michtom
Helen and Arnold Mintz
Margaret Morrison
Chani and Moshe Moskowitz
Laura and Alan Moss
Abbe J. Nosoff
Nechemia Oberstein
Sheila and Robert Oberstein
Steven A. Okin
David Ozgen
Amanda Papir
Jane Parnes
Susan and Alan J. Patricof
Lucille A. Patterson
Beth Peller
Rachel and Ira Perelson
Philip Family Trust, a Donor Advised Fund of The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
Alice and George Pittel
Marjorie and Lawrence Pitterman
Rita and Herbert Plush Foundation
Miriam Pollack-Rehmar
Sandra and Richard H. Pollen
Michaeline and Michael L. Popolow
Michael J. Porter
Harriet E. and Dominick J. Porto
Betsy and John Posner
Susan A. and Gerald J. Post
Randi and Michael Potack
Susan Raphael
Cynthia Rawitch
Audrey and Eric Reichenberg
Susanne P. Reilly
Lorraine Reiser
Fred M. Richman
Stephen L. Richmond
Arlene P. Rindner
Valerie and Kenneth Roffe
Jarrow L. Rogovin
Sandra Steinman-Rose and Daniel Rose
Esther Rose
Melvin K. Roseman
N. Hilton Rosen
Phyllis Rosen
Hila and Saul Rosen
Monroe H. Rosner
Rachel and Stephen Ross
Esther and Steven L. Roth
Carol Victor Rothman and Jonathan Rothman
Martha and John M. Rozett
Tova Fiedler Usdan and Ernest Rubenstein
Geula Sabet
Barbara J. and Michael Sarver
Beatrice S.Scher
Alan Schneider
Mona Schnitzler
Patricia A. and David Schoenfeld
Helen Schulberg
Susan and Norman Schulman
Harvey Schussler
Rise Schwab
Charlotte Schwartz
Sandra and Michael B. Schwed
Barbara Schwimmer
Ruth and Stanley Seemann
Marilyn Segal
Nathan Seifman
Harriet and Robert Selverstone
Katherine R. and Shepard A. Sheinkman
Michael L. and Vivien Brodkin Shelanski
Tatiana and Robert M. Shelbourne
Robert Shelly
Rochelle Goldstein-Shelton and Gary Shelton
Cheryl Schneider and Alan Shier
Dror D. Shnayer
Bernard Sillins
David C. Silver
Sharon and Jeffrey Silver
Betsy Eichholz and Marian S. Silverstein
Barrett N. Sinowitz
Pris and Robert H. Siskin
Mary Sivak
Douglas A. Skolnick
Diane Slaine-Siegel
Mr. and Mrs. Abraham J. Small
Joanne C. and James C. Smith
Delois H. Greenwood and Rick Smith
Annie Polland and Mike Smrtic
Rose and Sam Solasz
Laurence T. Sorkin
Rosanne F. and Samuel L. Spear
Allla Spiegel
Richard Stadin
Nancy and Kenneth L. Stein
Rabbi Louis Stein
Moses Stein
Esther Samet and Regina Stein
Jules G. Stern
Sandy L. Stern
Richard H. Sturm
Theodore S. Tapper
Janet L. Toledano
J.T. and C.B. Fish Foundation, Inc.
Raymond W. Townsend
Edwin Triestman
Deborah S. and Michael Troner
Paul Tuchman
Ruth and Stuart I. Turner
Susanne Vamos
Ester Fuchs and Daniel Victor
Gabriela and Casey Vieira
Phyllis C. and Robert R. Waisman
Brendelle E. Walden
Ira M. Warren
Genevieve and Milton S. Warsaw
Richard L. and Tina D. Wasserman Philanthropic Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation
Carol Weinberg
Jo-Anne Weinberg
Daniel Weiss
Robert and Elaine Weiss Charitable Foundation
Amy and Robert J. Weller
Broder-Wentworth Fund
Sheldon Wertheim
Esther Wilson
Ronald Winchell
The David A. and Shoshanna Wingate Foundation, Inc.
Allison R. Winters
Annbeth and Howard Winters
Susan and Lewis Wirshba
Albert Wolsky
Milton Wolson
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Woodard
Herbert Wyman
Kenneth L. Wyse
Richard Yood and Family
Suzanne and David Zesmer
Michael Zimmerman
Maxine Zinder
Meyer Zinn
The Donald and Barbara Zucker Family Foundation
Myrna Zuckerman
Steven Zweig

1887 Society Members

Estate of Leona K. Adler
Sylvia Antonier-Scher
Estate of Adele Bernardi
Estate of Lucie Blau
Estate of Gladys P. Edelman
Estate of Sari H. Fishman
Estate of David J. Fox
Estate of Blanche K. Goldberg
Estate of Fanny Goldfarb
Estate of Peryl Gottesman
Estate of Julius W. Graber
Estate of Lillian Gross
Estate of Stella Freeman Harmon
Estate of George Hecht
Estate of Miriam Jacobs
Estate of Louis Katzowitz
Estate of Emma Landau
Estate of Gloria Loftus
Estate of Selma Merkin
Estate of Harriet Messinger
Estate of Susie Oberwager
Estate of Beatrice Palestin
Estate of Freda R. Resnik
Estate of Harold Rosenberg
Estate of Ada Rovinsky
Estate of Matilda Gross Scheiner
Estate of Meyer Smolen
Estate of Elvira and Herbert Weller
Estate of Zelda W. Werner
Estate of Alexander Wincberg

List as of December 31, 2018