Ongoing Exhibit: The Jewish Ghetto in Postcards

In the early 20th century, the Lower East Side was the most crowded neighborhood in the world. Fleeing violent persecution, newly arrived immigrants from Eastern Europe recreated a familiar environment  of their previous homeland as they sought to establish new roots in America. Uniquely captured … Read more

Tenement Songs: Popular Music of the Jewish Immigrants

Ethnomusicologist Mark Slobin discusses the rise of Yiddish popular music in vaudeville dives, at the Yiddish theater and on parlor pianos in tenement homes during the era of mass migration to the United States. Sing along as Miryem-Khaye Seigel, Lauren Brody and Jake Shulman-Ment bring … Read more

Not Just the Weekly Torah Portion – With Dr. Regina Stein

Bring your questions and opinions as we explore a variety of Jewish texts and issues—often related to the weekly Torah portion or its accompanying reading from the Prophets, but sometimes a Biblical or Rabbinic text that raises questions of contemporary interest. Knowledge of Hebrew and … Read more