The Last Word

The Last WordFor a 123-year-old, the Eldridge Street Synagogue is pretty hip. A few weeks ago we witnessed the installation of a public art exhibit by artists’ collaborativeIllegal Art called “The Last Word.” The artists behind the exhibit, Otis Kriegel and Michael Devitt, explain:

There are always things left unsaid. The perfect ending to a conversation with a stranger. A clever comeback in a debate with a colleague at work. A farewell bid to a loved one. Let’s face it; life is full of missed opportunities to get in that last word. What do you wish you had said? As the year draws to a close, we …invite you participate in Illegal Art’s newest public art project, “The Last Word.” Write down and deposit your unsaid “last words.” Read what others wish they had said. Take a moment to reflect on past conversations in a space resonant with history.

The Lo-Down has a great interview with Otis and Michael from the opening, which took place at the
Museum on December 6th.

In the last Op-Art piece of 2009, the New York Times featured some choice slips left at the Museum at Eldridge Street, Pratt Institute, the Spring Gallery and the Gay Men’s Health Crisis:

the last wordThe installation is still up, but only for a few more weeks! Be sure to make it down to Eldridge before your last words remain unspoken forever. For those of you who can’t visit us — what is your last word? Share it here!

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