Examining architectural, cultural inspirations

This post is written by Summer 2021 intern Emma Thibodeaux-Thompson. Working this summer in the Museum’s sanctuary, one of the most common reactions I hear when visitors first enter the space is: “Huh, it looks like a church?” I always tell visitors that they’re right … Read more

On this day: bad press for “our down-town brethren”

This post was written by Museum intern Lila Norris. As you may have read, last week on September 4th marked the anniversary of the Eldridge Street Synagogue opening its doors, but this week marks another related anniversary regarding press that followed that opening. On September … Read more

Coming to America: Divides in the Jewish-American Community

This blog post was written by Museum intern Brendan Hyatt. During the height of Eastern European Jewish immigration to the United States – the phenomenon which drove the establishment of the Eldridge Street Synagogue – opinions on how the newly massive Jewish population ought to … Read more