A Tale of Two Synagogues: Beth Hamedrash Hagadol and Eldridge Street Synagogue

Here at the Museum at Eldridge Street, 1887 is always pointed to as the year of the congregation’s genesis. That’s due, of course, to the very obvious reason that this was the year of completion for their grand house of worship. However, this is not … Read more

Examining architectural, cultural inspirations

This post is written by Summer 2021 intern Emma Thibodeaux-Thompson. Working this summer in the Museum’s sanctuary, one of the most common reactions I hear when visitors first enter the space is: “Huh, it looks like a church?” I always tell visitors that they’re right … Read more

“Avoid getting wet”: how historic NYC dealt with disease

This post was written by Museum intern Lila Norris. As the novel Coronavirus continues to spread around the world, daily life in New York City has been completely upended. Businesses, bars, restaurants, schools and museums have been forced to close their doors. Although these feel … Read more