Sister Shuls: The Blue Synagogue in Mumbai

In “Sister Shuls,” we travel virtually to other synagogues whose exuberant architecture has a kinship with our landmark home, the Eldridge Street Synagogue. So far, we’ve traveled to Prague and Budapest looking at beautiful synagogues that remind us, in some ways, of Eldridge Street. Today’s … Read more

Rebuild or reimagine? Preservation questions plague Notre Dame.

This post was written by Nancy Johnson, Curator and Archivist and Chelsea Dowell, Director of Public Engagement. Decisions, decisions…. Recent news reports have revealed the next chapter in the ongoing story of Notre Dame de Paris, the massive 12th-century cathedral at the very heart of … Read more

Why does the wall look like THAT?

Once Home to Soldiers, Immigrants, and a Beluga Whale: The Remarkable Story of Battery Park’s Castle Clinton

Shedding Literal Light on the Ten Commandments

There’s a question I frequently get when leading a tour of the historic sanctuary, and it focuses on a curious element of the historic ark on the Eastern wall. “What are those light bulbs doing there?” many people ask as they look up at a … Read more