A Window to the Soul: Architect Deborah Gans on her Enduring Contribution to Eldridge Street

This piece was adapted from a post originally written in July 2018. Upon entering the beautifully restored sanctuary at the Museum at Eldridge Street, visitors are transported back to the height of the synagogue’s glory. Built in 1887 during the massive wave of Jewish immigration … Read more

Pairing old wisdom and new tricks to make a super-sustainable landmark

When we think of green or sustainable buildings, we tend to think of innovative architecture and cutting edge technology. What if we told you that sometimes the greenest buildings are the oldest? This year for Earth Day, we’re sharing the many ways in which our … Read more

Comparing the Restoration of Two Lower Manhattan Historic Sites

A Window to the Soul: Architect Deborah Gans Discusses her Enduring Contribution to the Museum at Eldridge Street