Hanna’s Delicious Charoset Recipe for Passover

An exotic charoset recipe for Passover from the Museum’s Program Director, Hanna Griff-Sleven. More delicious holiday recipes and suggestions coming this week.
 I grew up with the standard Ashkenazi apples and cinnamon and wine and walnut one, but over the years I’ve shared Seders with Jews from all over the world. One of the more interesting places I’ve sung Dayenu was in Kobe, Japan when I taught there in 1994-1996. At the shul in Kobe which was founded by Syrians, there were American Jews and Israelis and Iraqi Jews and Australian Jews, visiting pearl salesmen from London, France and Italy. The seder plate had many different kinds of charosets and this one I found very oishi (Japanese for tasty). I found out it was from an Italian recipe and this one can serve 12-20, depending on the appetite!

Delicious Passover Table


1/2 pound pitted dates

1/2 pound walnuts

3 large apples, cored and peeled

1 large seedless orange, with peel

2 large bananas

1/2 cup sweet malaga wine

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/8 teaspoon ground clove

1 T lemon juice

Matza meal as needed


Chop dates, walnuts, apples and whole orange very fine and place in bowl. Mash bananas and add to bowl. Add wine, spices and lemon juice and mix well. Add matza meal as needed for a mortar-like paste.

Enjoy and Happy Passover!

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