Learning From Home

The Museum may be closed, but we still have lots to share. From easily adaptable lesson plans to writing prompts and art activities, LEARNING FROM HOME is your go-to when you need a dose of history and culture (and fun) to add richness to your family’s experience at home. It’s always a great time to learn together, no matter where we are!



These weekly emails arrive in your inbox Monday mornings, and offer a history-based learning prompt paired with an activity to help further explore the topic. Check out the latest newsletter and then peruse the archive.

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Dear Editor: Letter from a Bintel Brief uses the real letters new immigrants wrote to the Jewish Daily Forward to explore themes of adaptation, education and family.

My New York: Changing Everyday encourages kids to explore their home city or town, using photo research & activities to discover how things changes over time as well as what stays the same.


Use these printable coloring pages to discover the beauty on view at the Museum – and to glimpse the Lower East Side as it was more than 100 years ago. Add your own colors and stories to turn these special places into your places.


Historians rely on primary sources, including photographs, to learn about the past. Each week, we’ll share a historic photo that you can examine. What will you discover about the past just by looking at it? Click here to find out.