Our Favorite 1920’s Fashion Trends

To get you in the spirit for our 1920’s-themed Synagogue Soiree party, we’re counting down some of the top fashion trends of that decade. Take a trip through time as you browse these spiffy looks – maybe you’ll get an idea for your costume! Enjoy, and we’ll see you guys and dolls on Wednesday night (Feb 23) at 9pm!

Top 5: 1920s fashion trends for women
1. Drop waist dresses
2. Cloche hats

3. Long strands of pearls
4. Bob haircut and finger waves- pictured here on film siren Jean Harlow

 5. Heeled t-strap shoes

Top 5: 1920s fashion trends for men:
1. Wing tipped shoes


2. Fedoras
3. Wide trousers called “oxford bags”
4. Crisp crease on trousers

5. Slicked back hair parted on the side or middle

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