Yiddish Lullabies and Love Songs: In Conversation with Inna Barmash

By Emma Friedlander This Sunday, June 21, chanteuse Inna Barmash will be presenting “Yiddish Lullabies and Love Songs,” a concert at the Museum at Eldridge Street. I recently spoke with Inna regarding the inspiration behind this repertoire, the community’s reaction to klezmer music, and the … Read more

Yiddish Translations

Over the years, we’ve learned so much about the Eldridge Street Synagogue and its congregants from the Yiddish minute books in our archives, which contain records of meetings of synagogue leaders. Although the earlier years have been translated, much remains to be done. Enter our … Read more

The Lost Languages

Language is one of the aspects of immigration that we explore through exhibits and education programs at the museum. In our Yiddish newspaper interactive activity, visitors become editors of their very own turn-of-the-century paper, mixing articles from socialist presses with editorials from the Orthodox dailies. … Read more

Yiddishisms: Kesselgarden

While reading Inside the Apple: A Streetwise History of New York City over the weekend, I discovered a Yiddish word that I’m adding to my list of favorites: kesselgarden. According to Wikipedia, Kesselgarden refers to the way “Castle Garden” was pronounced by Yiddish-speaking Eastern European … Read more