Travelling Tefillin – Warsaw, to the Wild West, to Eldridge Street

Memories of the East Bronx and Beyond

Gil Gordon and friends - East Bronx Memories

By Gil Gordon, Museum at Eldridge Street Docent Junior High School 123 opened for business in September 1953. I was part of the first 7th-grade class. Our homeroom teacher was Ms. O’Grady. My best friends were Len and Mike. Since the school was new there … Read more

Mom’s Hamentashen: A Daughter’s Purim Memories

  Sharon Lotman Stein is the first person you meet when you enter the Museum at Eldridge Street. She runs the front desk Monday through Wednesday. When I sat down with her, she told me her personal Purim holiday story. “My Chicago mother, Lynn Lotman, … Read more

Oral Histories: Stories Old and New

by Hannah Gottlieb, Summer Intern If you have visited the Museum at Eldridge Street you can attest to the fact that our building has become the “odd-one-out” in the neighborhood, as it is nestled among storefronts with advertisements written in Chinese and a Buddhist pagoda two … Read more