The Most Dangerous Woman in America

Via the Jewish Women’s Archive: Emma Goldman’s career, followed closely by many in the Yiddish-speaking world, provided this newspaper — subtitled “A Journal of Humor, Wit, and Satire” — with a great deal of subject material. The caption under this cartoon reads: “Emma Goldman, the … Read more

(Jewish) Gangs of New York

On our Gangster, Writer, Rabbi walking tour, we explore the lives–and funeral processions–of three iconic Lower East Side figures: writer Sholem Aleichem, Rabbi Jacob Joseph, and East Side gangster Big Jack Zelig. Though Bugsy Siegel and  Meyer Lansky usually come to mind when thinking of … Read more

Independence Day

After leaving Eastern Europe, the founders of our synagogue forged their lives as Americans on the streets of the Lower East Side. How did they celebrate their newfound heritage? Unfortunately, I’ve found no mention of barbecued borscht or other culinary treats, but a strong sense … Read more

Food Memories

They say that the way to a man’s heart is his stomach, but I believe that the path actually leads directly to the brain. Merely mentioning food can unlock troves of memories thought to have disappeared long ago. This year, I asked the festival-goers waiting … Read more

The Lost Languages

Language is one of the aspects of immigration that we explore through exhibits and education programs at the museum. In our Yiddish newspaper interactive activity, visitors become editors of their very own turn-of-the-century paper, mixing articles from socialist presses with editorials from the Orthodox dailies. … Read more