1920s Synagogue Soiree – Films of the Era

Here at Eldridge Street we are getting ready for our 1920s Synagogue Soirée taking place on Wednesday, February 23 from 9pm to 12am. We’re looking forward to seeing the synagogue filled with people in period garb and looking back to an era when Eldridge Street attracted … Read more

Seeing Stars

If you’ve ever built a house or renovated your home, you know the end is never the end. There’s always a room that needs finishing, a scuffed wall that needs re-painting, an inoperable electrical line. Though our window designed by Kiki Smith and Deborah Gans … Read more

Architecture at Eldridge Street

Our building tours offer visitors a peek into the workings of the historic Eldridge Street Synagogue, and we’ve been busy adding new themes and tours to our lineup. You can now experience Eldridge through the lens of immigration, ritual practice, or architecture and preservation. On … Read more

Talk of the Town

  We’re the talk of the town! In the latest edition of the New Yorker, author and architectural critic Paul Goldberger writes about the Museum’s exciting new project, the fabrication and installation of a new East Window in our historic space. Entitled “She Does Windows”, Goldberger’s article includes tidbits … Read more

The Church of Sea and Land

While looking into the history of Eldridge Street, I came across a fantastic e-book digitized by Project Guttenberg about a historic church in the neighborhood, located on the corner of Henry and Market Streets. The Kirk on Rutgers Farm, written by Frederick Brückbauer in 1919, celebrates a … Read more