Shedding Literal Light on the Ten Commandments

There’s a question I frequently get when leading a tour of the historic sanctuary, and it focuses on a curious element of the historic ark on the Eastern wall. “What are those light bulbs doing there?” many people ask as they look up at a … Read more

Power and Poignancy: A Conversation with Eldridge’s Exhibition Curator

On Thursday, September 14th, the museum opened a brand new exhibition entitled Rediscovery, Restoration and Renewal: The Eldridge Street Synagogue in Photographs. For visitors, myself included, who have only experienced the museum’s sanctuary as a beautifully restored space, it’s hard to imagine all that beauty … Read more

Celebrating the Torah – Shavuot Artifacts from Our Collection

Torah Pointer - Shavuot Artifact - From the collection of the Museum at Eldridge Street.

Beginning this evening, Jews around the world will celebrate Shavuot, a holiday which centers around the Torah. From the Star of David to Sabbath candlesticks to a beautiful Passover Seder plate, Jewish tradition is marked by a variety of symbolic and ritual items. Many such pieces of Judaica and Shavuot artifacts … Read more

A 200-Year-Old Wimpel is a Mother’s Legacy of Love

Detail from a Wimpel in the Museum at Eldridge Street's collection

With Mother’s Day approaching, I find myself thinking about a mother I’ve never met. I don’t even know her name, but her handiwork tells me that her son David was born on the 19th day of Cheshvan in the year 5563. In other words, November … Read more