The History Detective: Isser Reznik and Sons

It seems like everyone I meet has a family connection to the Lower East Side, which makes sense given how crowded this neighborhood was 100 years ago. Part of the fun of working at the Museum is helping visitors find out more about family who … Read more

Winter Garden

Here in New York, winter is in full bloom. Over the past few weeks we’ve experienced snow, freezing rain and winds that seemed likely to lift our historic building all the way to Kansas! This coming Sunday, January 31st from 1-5 PM, join us as we wish away … Read more

The Last Word

For a 123-year-old, the Eldridge Street Synagogue is pretty hip. A few weeks ago we witnessed the installation of a public art exhibit by artists’ collaborativeIllegal Art called “The Last Word.” The artists behind the exhibit, Otis Kriegel and Michael Devitt, explain: There are always things left … Read more

Talk of the Town

  We’re the talk of the town! In the latest edition of the New Yorker, author and architectural critic Paul Goldberger writes about the Museum’s exciting new project, the fabrication and installation of a new East Window in our historic space. Entitled “She Does Windows”, Goldberger’s article includes tidbits … Read more

Chance Meetings at Eldridge

This story comes to us from Sharon, who manages our fantastic giftshop 3 days a week. Sharon has been involved with what was originally the Eldridge Street Project and is now the Museum at Eldridge Street for over 20 years! She is always ready with a … Read more