A Taste of our Passover Nosh & Stroll



We (Amy Milford and Hanna Griff-Sleven) did a test-run of our super-fabulous, wonderfully fun and absolutely delicious Pre-Passover Nosh & Stroll. The real tour is scheduled for this Sunday, April 10 at 11 am (the 2pm time is already sold out) and we hope you’ll join us.  We had a great time and thought we’d share our exploits with you.


Happy holding matzoh

Here we are at Streit’s with our box of matzoh.  We recommend lots of fruit to accompany your 8 days of matzoh eating. On Sunday, we provide the chocolate-covered variety as well.

Matzoh fresh off the conveyor belt at Streit's

Schapiro’s Wine store sadly is no more. You can still get the wine but they no longer have a presence on the Lower East Side. Did you know that the Schapiro family first opened a little resturant on Attorney Street. The wine was a success, the food not so.  And thus Jewish culinary history was made.   The winery is now in Monticello, New York.

Hanna across from the former site of Schapiro's Wine

We were surprised by how many new businesses were opening up in the neighborhood, including Grumpy’s and this Tequileria/ Taqueria. Here’s Hanna trying to get a shot.

New restaurant in the neighborhood

Our last stop? Economy Candy. We picked up chocolate-covered macaroons, which we will be sharing on Sunday’s tour.

Hanna happy at Economy Candy

We hope we will see you on Sunday. If not, we encourage you to explore the many delightful and historic culinary haunts of our neighborhood. 

Amy & Hanna

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