New York City’s Jewish Museums

Florine Stettheimer, “Nude Self-Portrait”

As the city with the world’s largest Jewish population, New York City boasts several Jewish museums. Each chronicles different aspects of the Jewish experience. The most prominent museums are the Jewish Museum on the Upper East Side, the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Battery Park, … Read more

The Forward Newspaper Building: A Landmark of Change

The Forward Newspaper Building

The longtime home of the Jewish Daily Forward sits on East Broadway between Rutgers and Jefferson Streets. Since its construction in 1912, the Forward Newspaper building has been a staple of the Lower East Side. Today, it is a testament to the neighborhood’s changing landscape. … Read more

A Year in the Life of a Museum Educator – Interview with Rachel Serkin

Rachel Serkin Senior Educator at the Museum at Eldridge Street

The Museum at Eldridge Street annually welcomes more than 7,000 K-12 students for programs on Jewish culture and holidays, immigration history and architecture and historic preservation. As the school years draws to a close, Senior Museum Educator Rachel Serkin shares her experience on museum education and … Read more

Tracing Jewish History – Five Historic Synagogues of America

Museum At Eldridge Street - Historic Synagogues of America

Visitors to the Museum at Eldridge Street often ask if our landmark site – the 1887 Eldridge Street Synagogue – is the oldest synagogue in America. The answer is no. I was surprised to learn that the oldest synagogue is not in New York City, but in … Read more