The Egg Cream: an iconic drink with staying power

In honor of National Egg Cream Day on March 15, we’re reposting this blog from 2019, with some edits and new information about an upcoming egg cream program! Dear Reader, Please let me be the first to wish you a happy National Egg Cream Day! … Read more

The Hester Street Fair is back!

What did you do this weekend? As the months of the pandemic move along, we have options! It is becoming a little easier to venture outside of our apartments and our neighborhoods, and I am excited to see local favorites around the city beginning to … Read more

From Bagels to Bodegas: The Language of New York

“That dog fah-schtinks! Fah-schtinkinah dog!” “There’s no way that’s a real word, Mom.” “It is! It’s Yiddish! Call Gramma and ask!” February 21st is International Mother Language Day. According to the United Nations’ website, International Mother Language Day seeks “to promote linguistic and cultural diversity … Read more