Where the natural and the miraculous meet: an interview with artist Debra Olin

In October 2021, the Museum finally opened our first exhibition since the pandemic shuttered our doors for over a year. The exhibition, entitled Debra Olin: Every Protection is a meditation on the folk beliefs, superstitions, and cultural lore that have helped people make sense of … Read more

Examining architectural, cultural inspirations

This post is written by Summer 2021 intern Emma Thibodeaux-Thompson. Working this summer in the Museum’s sanctuary, one of the most common reactions I hear when visitors first enter the space is: “Huh, it looks like a church?” I always tell visitors that they’re right … Read more


williamsburg bridge prayer

This 1909 photograph shows Jewish women praying on the Lower East Side’s then-new marvel: the Williamsburg Bridge! Opened in 1903, the bridge was the longest suspension bridge at the time, and was designed for both trolley and horse and carriage traffic. It also included a … Read more