Seeing Stars

If you’ve ever built a house or renovated your home, you know the end is never the end. There’s always a room that needs finishing, a scuffed wall that needs re-painting, an inoperable electrical line. Though our window designed by Kiki Smith and Deborah Gans has been up for more than two months, secret, unseen adjustments have been made. Protective glass put in. Fine-tuning to the window’s center star.

Seeing Stars

And so today is somewhat bittersweet. Last decisions for the window were made. The commission of this monumental stained-glass window for our landmark site has been a more-then-two-year effort. From the board’s forward-thinking decision to commission the window – a contemporary artwork for our Victorian-era site – to the search for the perfect artist. To the wonderful experience of working with Kiki and Deborah, who have brought new life to this century-old building.

In a few days the scaffolding will come down, bringing an end of sorts to this extraordinary, one-of-a-kind project. And a new beginning for Eldridge Street.  Happy 2011.

Categories: Art & Architecture, Historic Preservation

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