It is possible to be awestruck by the exotic splendor of this meticulously restored sanctuary.

Edward Rothstein, New York Times




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Women’s Chandelier

Date unknown, probably late 19th – early 20th century
Blown glass and crystal electrified fixture
Diameter, approximately 36 inches

This delicate crystal chandelier, which was originally a gas fixture,
is certainly not part of the original 1887 design of the synagogue. All
the other fixtures in the sanctuary are brass, and the small scale of
this fixture does not quite suit the space. So where did it come from?
There are no records of its purchase or installation. Most likely, it
came from a congregant’s home where it would have graced a parlor or
dining room. Perhaps it was donated when the women of the congregation
requested more light in their seating area. It has been preserved as an
example of the synagogue’s journey through time, and the influence of
its congregants – both male and female – on the look and feel of their
house of worship.

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