"The Eldridge Street synagogue…is an impressive representation of traditional Judaism, modified perforce by the spirit of the time and surroundings."

Century Magazine, 1892


The Torah


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Torah Stave

Undated, probably mid-20th century
Wood with carved ivory finial
41 x 7 (diameter) inches

This stave is one of a pair on which a large Torah scroll measuring 25
inches high would be rolled. Staves are also called rollers or Etz chaim,
from the Hebrew for “tree of life.” The carved ivory finial at the top
of this stave, which is decorated with a small crown, and the wooden
bottom handle are used to handle the scroll without having to touch it.
The circular wooden discs rest against the rolled scroll, keeping it in
place. A silver ring around the top disk carries an inscription from two
congregants who have donated the stave in loving memory of their

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