"The Eldridge Street synagogue…is an impressive representation of traditional Judaism, modified perforce by the spirit of the time and surroundings."

Century Magazine, 1892


The Torah


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Torah Pointer (Yad)

Date unknown, probably late 19th–early 20th century
10 x 1 (diameter) inches

The Museum’s collection includes several Torah pointers. All have
tiny pointing hands at one end, and a sphere with a ring to attach a
chain at the other, but all have different designs for their shafts.
This one has the most fanciful form: a flat pattern of curls suggesting
leaves or perhaps a feathery quill. The sphere at the end allows the yad
to rest above the Torah scroll, so that the pointer may be picked up
without touching the parchment. The chain is used to hang the yad from the Torah’s staves when not in use.

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