Tax-deductible gifts to the Museum at Eldridge Street help maintain the landmark Eldridge Street Synagogue and renew the building with innovative programs.

2014 Annual Fund Contributors
(Gifts made between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014)

Thank you to all of our donors for your generous support in 2012. Your contributions help sustain the National Historic Landmark 1887 Eldridge Street Synagogue as a center for all visitors to discover Jewish-American traditions and culture, Lower East Side immigrant history, and architectural preservation.

If you are not currently a donor, I urge you to support this important historical site and its cultural and educational programs.

To contribute today or request additional information, please call Eva Bruné at 212.219.0888 ext. 202 or


Leadership Circle: Gifts of $50,000 and over

The Marc Haas Foundation

Institute of Museum and Library Services

The Alice Lawrence Foundation, Inc.


Michael Weinstein/The Weinstein Foundation

Platinum Circle: Gifts of $25,000 – $49,999

The David Berg Foundation, Inc.

Bonnie and Tony Dimun

The Morris and Arlene Goldfarb Family Foundation, Inc.

Paula and Jeffrey Gural

City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the New York City Council/The Honorable Margaret Chin

The Silver Family Foundation

Helene and Steven Walsey

Gold Circle ($10,000 – $24,999)


Suzy B. Boshwit

Feil Family Foundation

Jonathan Mechanic/Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver and Jacobson

The Goldie Anna Charitable Trust

The Hyde and Watson Foundation

Blanche & Irving Laurie Foundation

The Lucius N. Littauer Foundation, Inc.

Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation

Lori and David Moore Family

National Endowment for the Arts

Diane Rosenstein and Paul H. Rich

Leo Rosner Foundation

Stainman Family Foundation Inc.

Untitled, LP

Lise and Jeffrey Wilks Family Foundation

Silver Circle: Gifts of $5,000 – $9,999

Lorinda Ash

The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation

Sarah and Tal Michael Chitayat

Elias A. Cohen Foundation, Inc.

William and Dewey Edelman Charitable Trust

The Edouard Foundation, Inc.

Mitzi and Warren Eisenberg Family Foundation

Epstein Teicher Philanthropies

Roberta Brandes Gratz

HUB International Northeast

Samuel and Anna Jacobs Fnd, Inc.

Peter Lee

Eve and Stephen Milstein

NYC & Company Foundation, Inc.

Lonnie and Thomas Schwartz Charitable Foundation

Spielman Family Foundation

Jane and Frances Stein Foundation

Valley National Bank

Vornado Realty Trust/David Greenbaum

Judith and Stanley Zabar

Bronze Circle: Gifts of $1,000 – $4,999

Nanci and Sammy Aaron

Pamela and Richard Ader


Bergman Family Fund

Edward Blank

The Ernest Bogen Philanthropic Fund

Ira Breite

Melva Venezky Bucksbaum and Raymond Learsy

Eric Cohler

The Crystal Family Foundation

Ide and David Dangoor

Paula and Brian Daniels

Valerie and Abbey Doneger/Henry Doneger Associates, Inc.

The Fertel Foundation

Anna and Nathan Flax Foundation, Inc.

Ester Fuchs and Daniel Victor

Hana L. Fuchs

Naomi Gat

Gary Gershfield

Lyla and Howard Glener

Ellen and Neil Gold

Jennifer F. and Alan S. Goldfarb

Alyssa and Cliff Greenberg

Myrna and Steven D. Greenberg

Jeffrey A. Grossman

Stella and Charles Guttman Foundation, Inc.

Sandra and Leonard Haiken

Marc Heller/CIT Trade Finance

Becky and Ike Herschkopf

Peter and Stacy Hochfelder Charitable Foundation

Estate of Miriam Jacobs

Nathaniel Jacobson

Jewish Community Youth Foundation

The Katcher Family Foundation

Philip W. Kirsh

Eugene M. Lang

Marcia and Neil Lawner

Dalia and Laurence C. Leeds, Jr.

Leslie and Jim Levy

The Samuel M. Levy Family Foundation

Robin and Jay L. Lewis

The Malkin Fund, Inc.

The Honorable Scott Stringer/Manhattan Borough President’s Office

Steven and Toby Mayer Charity Fund

Jay Mazur/21st Century ILGWU Heritage Fund

Lisa and Wayne S. Miller/G-III Apparel Group

Y.H. Mirzoeff & Sons Foundation Inc.

National Trust Insurance Services

New York City Department for the Aging

Maria and Michael Osheowitz

Maria and Vincent Pascal

Estate of Freda R. Resnik

Elliott C. Rosch

Philip J. Rosenthal/Global Coverage, Inc.

Barbara and John Samuelson

Jackie and David Schiro

Jacqueline Schnabel

Harshad Shah/Leyland Group LLC

Caroline Sheinbaum

Donna and Barry Slotnick

Ashley Steinhart/Lowenstein Sandler LLP

Laurie and Sy Sternberg

Stoller Family Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

Sun Hill Foundation

Lola and Leonard Tanzer

Judy and Warren Tenney Foundation

Michael Tuch Foundation, Inc.

The Eli and Arlene Wachtel Charitable Foundatio

Sharon and Joel Waller

Karen and Rick White

Linda Filer and Bradford Wiley II

Shimon Wolf/Wolf Maryles & Associates LLC

Ray Kurdziel and Howard Zar

Beth and Scott Zucker

Gifts of $500 and over

Barbra and Frank Arnold

Rene Bloch Foundation

Roberta and Stanley M. Bogen

Irwin A. Cantor Family Fund

Lisa B. and Edmund Cohen

Martin Elias

Donald B. Epstein

David A. Feldman

Glendale Foundation, Inc.

The Goodman Family Charitable Fund

Sylvia G. Gordon

Anita W. Graber

Jay Bruno and William F. Gratz

Jill and Hank Grishman

Claudia and Sheldon Hirshon

Sally and Roger Hoffman

J.E. Jones

The Kandell Fund

Alyce and Steven Kaplan

Edwin A. Margolius

Nina Mogilnik

Lawrence Orenstein

Susan and Alan J. Patricof

Randy Polumbo

Marleen Meyers and Stanley Rogovin

Martin and Florence Rothman Donor Advised Fund

David L. Schiff

Ira Schulman

The Peter Daniel Seligman Foundation

Debra and Gary M. Soffer

Karen Freedman and Roger Weisberg

Norman I. Weisman

David Wroclawski

Nora and Barry Yood

The Sarah and Harold Zalesch Fund, Inc.

Sherry Jacobson and Eugene L. Zuriff

Gifts of $250 and over

Hirschel B. Abelson

Anonymous (2)

Joel Barish

Susan and Bruce Berger

Cynthia C. Wainwright and Stephen Berger

Roberta Berken

Tami and Mark Berman

Catherine Cahill and William Bernhard

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Berni

Debra and Peter B. Berry

Louis H. Blumengarten

Jenny Carchman and Seth Bomse

Bobbi and Barry Coller

Raymond Connors

Joan K. Davidson

Essig Enright Family Foundation

Clarice Feinman

Gloria and Stan Fishfader

Vicki Fleisher

The Anne and Gerald Freedman Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Deborah S. Freedman

Maralyn Friedman

Phyllis H. and Seymour Gartenberg

GE Foundation

Michael Giordano/Paper Enterprises

The Jane and Lawrence Gould Charitable Fund

Susan Steinhauser and Daniel Greenberg

Judy and Stuart Hershon

David Himelberg Foundation

Judy D. and Zachary I. Hodes

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Horowitz

Janice and Lewis Kampel

Nora and Steven Kandel

Sivia Kaye Charitable Gift Fund

Penny M. and David J. Klein

William Klein

Joann and Robert Todd Lang

Ann and Melvin J. Levy

Tina Lubin

Cabot Marks

Joanna Mastroianni

Faith Menken

Matthew and Amy Stein Milford

Nina Allyn Moinester

Laurence J. Murphy

Saul Raw

Sheila and Lester Robbins Philanthropic Fund

Melvin K. Roseman

Murray Rosen

Sheri and James Rosenfeld

Bonnie and Mordechai Rozanski

Esther Samet

Susan and Norman Schulman

Esther Esh Sternberg Foundation

Alisse Waterston

Dr. Harold S. Yood

The Gellin Zalaznick Foundation Inc.

Gifts of $100 and over

Elie Abemayor

Amy B. Abrahams

Carole and Israel Abramcyk

Arthur S. Abramson

Mindy Lang and Ken Andrusko

Ann Service Corporation

Anonymous (3)

The David Aronow Foundation Inc.

Roberta Ashkin

Susan and Eric Baelen

Norma and Paul G. Barash

Anita and William Baron

Stanley L. Barrish

Nan Bases

Sandy Beck

Carol and Terry Becker

Carole Behrman

Janine Beichman

Martin M. Bell

Marilyn Belous

Gloria Berkenstat Freund

Rosalie and Larry Berman

Michael Berman

Murray Berman

Lori Zeltser and Leonard Berman

Arleen Levine Bernstein and David Bernstein

Gladys B. Bernstein

Frances and Myron Berrick

Debra Berry

Marc E. Berson

Stephen Bigman

Karen and Leslie Blacksburg

Joan and Charles Blanksteen

Joan and David Blitz

Erika Bloomfield

Lois D. Blumenfeld

Bruce Bolter

Amy Boorstein

William S. Boorstein

Harriet Boxer

Tammy Brainin

Norma and Melvin Breite

Betsy Broder

Elaine and Michael Broida

Fran Brooks

Brout Family Fund

Phyllis E. and Irwin L. Browarsky

Barbara Brown

Sandy and Allen Brune

Andrea Burger

David Burgin

Nancy Burstein

Andrew Byrne

Joshua R. Cammaker

Erin Cantor

Jules Chametzky

Jackie Chan-Brown

Bette Cohen

Ruth and Edward Collier

Norah Colton

Barbara Bell Cook

Jeffrey Cosiol

Eileen and Howard Cotton

Esther E. Crain

Barbara and Frederick Cronin

Linda and Teo Dagi

Jessica and Andrew P. Davis

Charles Dimston

Ira Donewitz

Doris and Leo Dreyfuss

Martin Dvorkin

Barry, Hilit, Tillirose, and August Edelstein

Howard S. Edelstein

Henry L. Ehrlich

Natalie and Michael Eigen

David Eisenberg

Ann and Howard M. Eisenstodt

Peg Emple

Howard G. Epstein

Asher Etkin

Sharon and Michael Falcone

Georgia Feingold

Edith Gross and Yoseph Feit

Howard Feldman

Alan Ferster

Robert E. Fidoten

Hilda and David Fins

Sheila Fishman

Sander A. Flaum Charitable Trust

Marilyn Fleming

The Forest Family Foundation, Inc.

Charles A. Forma

Jane Frank

Edith and Sol Freedman

Joe-Tom Easley and Peter Freiberg

Lisa Friedlander

Ephraim Garber

Sarah A. Gelber

Rabbi David Gelfand/Temple Israel of NYC

Martin R. Geller

Laura Gerchik

Adelle Gersten

The Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Randy Globus

Monica Gold

Stacey and Jeff Goldfarb

Arlene Goldman

Lucy Goldman Fund of the JCF

Rachel Goldman

Linda J. and Richard A. Goldstein

Stuart Goldstein

Gilbert Gordon

Paul Gordon

Paul Gordoy

Gail P. and Edward G. Green

Paul Greenberg

The Burton G. and Anne C. Greenblatt Foundation, Inc.

Ira J. Greenblatt

Dena and Abraham Greenstein

Laurel and Steven Griff

Melanie H. Grisham

Barbara Grodd

Doris Ruth and Alan Groh

Paul L. Gross

Mark A. Grossbard

Philip J. Hahn Foundation

The Hammerman Charitable Trust

Sarah and Joel L. Handelman

David J. Hellerstein

Dave Henig

The Herman Family

Ralph Hillman

Shelly Hirsch

Bernice and Jack S. Hoffinger

Hollander Foundation

Allan A. Horland

Paula and Kenneth Horn

Allisse Waterston and Howard Horowitz

Robert Vincent Huber

Mrs. Taube Import

Rose and Michael Jacobsohn

Cara and Leonard Kagan

Frances A. and Kenneth M. Kahn

Bernard Kalb

Barbara and Steven Kantor

Rita and Henry Kaplan Foundation

Karasik Family Fund of the JCF

Barbara S. Karlin

Stanley Katz

Alyce H. Kaufman

Robert A. Kavesh

Betty and Howard Kerpen

Marc Klapholz

Carol Klein

Patti and Harvey Klein

Roberta and Melvyn Klein

Patricia Klemz

Lynn and Morris Kletzkin

Janet T. Klion

Vivian and Stuart Koenig

Ella Kohn

Carol and Elliott Kominsky

Sevilla and Aaron H. Kommel

Judith and Martin Konikoff

Eli Kopelman

Marc Korashan

Claire and Richard Korn

Roberta Koza

Benjamin Kracauer/Archimuse

Barbara and Seymour Krasner

Alan C. Krieger

Carol H. and Robert D. Krinsky

Naomi and Paul Kronish

David F. Kuck

Jonathan Myles Kushner

Ruth Laibson

Berton M. Lapidus

Linda and Sherwin Lener

Sondra S. and Stanley A. Leon

Donald Levin

Linda Levitt

The Lorber Foundation

Fern and Lew Lowenfels

Bonnie and Lloyd Lowinger

Renee Luebke

Morris Mansfield

Claire and Edward Margolies

Jacob Margolies

Lori Zabar and Mark Mariscal

Bernard Martin

Silvia Marx

Anne and Stephen Math

Rita and Robert Matthews

Richard E. McGrath

Carole and David Metzger

Timothy L. Michel

Paula Michtom

Susan and Allan Miller

Jennie Parnes Miller

Sandra Milles

Inger and Mark Mirsky

Maxine L. Myers

Ruth Nadel

Anne and Victor S. Navasky

Susan Negro

Winifred G. and Gustave Newman

Steven A. Okin

Philip Oppenheimer

Harry Otterman

Sylvia Parnes

Michael Paston

Joan Lee and Richard Perfit

Cheryl and Lloyd Pine

Ros and Michael Plosker

Steven Pollack

Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Pollen

Lauren K. Popkoff

Sidney Lee Posel

Betsy Posner

Susan and Gerald Post

Rabbi Joseph Potasnik

LaVerne L. Prager

Rabbi Marshal and Laurie Press

Preston Family Trust

Cynthia Rawitch

Elizabeth and Eugene Renkin

Fred M. Richman

Stephen L. Richmond

Gail R. Gremse and David S. Rose

Kelly A. Rosen

Gay Rosenberg

Leona Z. Rosenberg

Barbara Minakakis and Marian Rosenberg

Monroe H. Rosner

Lori L. Cohen and Christopher H. Rothko

Martha and John M. Rozett

Jill Sacks

Greer Rivlin Saltzman

Jane and Martin Salwen

Jill W. and Lawrence Sandberg

Nicholas Santora

Michael Sarver

Charlotte Barnard and Robert Sawyer

Howard Schain

Annette Sally Schecter

Eugene Schiller

Gloria, Dorothy and David Schulberg

Helen Schulberg

Jeffrey Schulberg

Harvey Schulman

Harvey Schussler

Rise Schwab

Daniel Schwartz

Elliot Schwartz

Ethan, Julie Bookbinder, and Jon Schwartz

Bubbles Seidenberg

Jay W. Seligman

Teresa Taylor and Art Shamsky

Lina Ann Shane

Nancy Rubenstein and Robert Y. Shapiro

Michael L. and Vivien Brodkin Shelanski

Mr. and Mrs. Dror D. Shnayer

Rhonda and David Siegel

Sharon and Jeffrey R. Silver

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Silver

Vivian and Meyer Silver

Elliot Silverstein

Allen J. Simonson

Susan and Gary Singer

Barrett N. Sinowitz

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Siskin

Tzvi Sitzer

Douglas A. Skolnick

Stella Skura

Hanna Griff Sleven and Paul Sleven

Mr. and Mrs. Abraham J. Small

Mardi and David T. Smith

Joannie C. and James C. Smith

Willard J. Smith

SO Charitable Trust

Carol and Steven Sokol

Laurence T. Sorkin

Katherine Sperling

Allla Spiegel

Henry M. Spinelli

Dr. and Mrs. Morton E. Spitzer

Regina Stein

Sharon L. Stein

Melvin A. Stein

Sylvia and David Steiner Charitable Trust

Gary Steinkohl

Sandy L. Stern

William H. Strange

Marilyn and Alan Tannenbaum

Ziv Tavor

Susan W. Tofias

Deborah S. and Michael Troner

Paul Tuchman

Tuchman, Korngold, Weiss, Lippman & Gelles

Ruth and Stuart Turner

Marcia F. and Richard S. Volpert

Eileen Wilk Walsh

Marian M. Warden Fund

Ira Warren

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Wasserman

Beth Berman Wechsler

Beverly Weinstein

Max Weintraub

Elaine and Robert D. Weiss

Amy and Robert J. Weller

Penny and Ted Williams

David A. and Shoshanna Wingate Foundation

Lewis Wirshba

Janine B. Yamamoto

Martin Zeiger

Meyer Zinn

Heddy J. Zirin

Penni S. Zola

1887 Society

Estate of Leona K. Adler

Estate of Lucie Blau

Estate of David J. Fox

Estate of Blanche K. Goldberg

Estate of Fanny Goldfarb

Estate of Peryl Gottesman

Estate of Julius W. Graber

Estate of Lillian Gross

Estate of Stella Freeman Harmon

Estate of Miriam Jacobs

Estate of Louis Katzowitz

Estate of Emma Landau

Estate of Selma Merkin

Estate of Harriet Messinger

Estate of Beatrice Palestin

Estate of Freda R. Resnik

Estate of Ada Rovinsky

Estate of Matilda Gross Scheiner

Estate of Meyer Smolen

Estate of Elvira and Herbert Weller

Estate of Zelda W. Werner

Estate of Alexander Wincberg

Public Support

The Honorable Margaret Chin/New York City Council

Institute for Museum and Library Services

The Honorable Scott Stringer/Manhattan Borough President’s Office

National Endowment for the Arts

New York City Department for the Aging

New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the New York City Council

New York State Council on the Arts

New York State Arts Council with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature

The Honorable Sheldon Silver/New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation