Recommended Websites on Architecture

There are many websites available to support a study on architecture. Below is a listing of some our favorites. 

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Architecture: It’s Elementary
Access the American Institute of Architects Michigan/Michigan Architecture Foundation web-based curriculum guide for the elementary grades. This multidisciplinary architectural curriculum, supports the study of the built environment and the buildings, towns and cities that make it up. AIA Michigan.

Architect Studio 3D
With Frank Lloyd Wright as your guide, step into the shoes of an architect and design a house from beginning to finish: Choose a client and a location and then apply your imagination to the design.  Watch the design take shape and walk through a virtual 3D model of it.  Consider how well will the structure would satisfy a client’s needs and
how well it  is suited for its location. Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust.

Building Big
Learn about bridges, domes, dams, skyscrapers and tunnels. Explore the Labs about Engineering: Forces, Materials, Loads and Shapes to learn how the shape of a structure affects how strong it is. PBS

National Building Museum Educator Resources
Explore a collection of pre-and post-visit lessons and activities on a changing variety of architectural themes. National Building Museum.

Video Tutorial: How to Make a Green Roof
The architects who restored the synagogue at the Museum at Eldridge Street used environmentally responsible techniques and materials whenever possible.  Watch this five minute video from the National Building Museum to learn how to make your very own green roof using materials you have at home. National Building Museum.