"The Eldridge Street synagogue…is an impressive representation of traditional Judaism, modified perforce by the spirit of the time and surroundings."

Century Magazine, 1892


In the Synagogue


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Reader’s Platform Cover (Bimah Cover)

Undated, c. mid 1930s
Velvet with metallic and silk trim
56.5 x 60 inches

The bimah is covered with a cloth before a Torah scroll is laid upon it. The decoration on this cloth must be simple and flat—it cannot include sequins or three-dimensional embroidery seen on Torah mantles and ark curtains because that kind of decoration might scratch or catch on the scroll. This bimah cover is made of pale beige velvet and decorated with a Star of David and bands of flat gold decorative trim and gold-colored fringe. The embroidered inscription at the bottom is a dedication to couple, Hannah and Rafael Goldshmid, who died in 1934.

Often the color of the readers platform cover will coordinate with the parochet and Torah mantle, and the color itself can have meaning. White or beige textiles like this one are typically used during the High Holidays of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Red or blue is typically used during the year.

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