"This was more than a house of worship. This was the portal of a new life in a new land for the largest wave of immigrants ever."

Bill Moyers


Life at the Synagogue


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High Holiday ticket

Printed colored paper
3 x 6.5 inches

By 1909, more than 70 percent of the congregation’s income was derived from what the community called, the “busy season for piety.” The practice of selling tickets to services is still extremely common in synagogues. The ticket shown here is for the Rosh Hashahana and Yom Kippur holidays in 1923. It is written in Yiddish, and is numbered to correspond with a specific seat in the sanctuary.

The Constitution of the congregation clearly states that a person cannot be a member of the synagogue if they publicly violate the Sabbath. Many people had to work on the Sabbath and so they could not be members, but thanks to the sales of tickets they could still attend services

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