Join us for a guided tour of the restored Eldridge Street Synagogue, a journey through the history of New York City & the Lower East Side's Jewish immigrant community.

Synagogue & Walking Tours for Groups

Open: Sunday – Thursday from 10am to 5pm
Fee: Synagogue Tour: $10 adults; $8 students/seniors; $6 children
Combo Synagogue Tour & Walking tour: $25 per person; $12 per child

For more information or to book a tour, call our Visitor Services department at 212.219.0302 x 5.

Choose from the following synagogue and walking tour options. All synagogue tours are
approximately 1 hour. All walking tours are approximately 1 hour.

Tour Options:

Welcome to Eldridge Street: History Tour

Follow the footsteps of the synagogue’s immigrant founders. Learn about the Eldridge Street Synagogue, the first great house of worship built by East European Jews in America. Explore the beautiful main sanctuary, which has been meticulously restored to its original grandeur.

Beyond the Façade: Architecture Tour

Explore the Eldridge Street Synagogue from bottom to top. Investigate
hidden design features that reveal its 127-year story. Get an insider’s
perspective into the Museum’s commission of a new window by artist Kiki
Smith and architect Deborah Gans.

Ways We Worship: Jewish Practice Tour

Experience 120-plus years of Jewish practice in America. See, hear,
and touch objects associated with Jewish rituals and culture. Explore
how Jewish practice has been maintained, adapted, and innovated upon in

In Touch with History

Explore the Museum at Eldridge Street in a hands-on program designed
for people who are blind or partially sighted. During this multi-sensory
tour, artifacts, music, and special materials bring the story of the
1887 Landmark Eldridge Street Synagogue to life.

Jewish Lower East Side Walking Tour

Once home to the largest Jewish population in the world, the Lower
East Side still bears traces of Jewish life from the turn of the last
century. Visit synagogues, Yiddish newspaper buildings, socialist hot
spots and the best pickle shop in New York.

Love & Courtship – Lower East Side Walking Tour

Before eHarmony and JDate, there were love letters and elaborate
courtship rituals. Discover romance turn-of-the-century style as we
visit the sites of former dance halls, cafes, synagogues and other
places where sparks once flew.