Tax-deductible gifts to the Museum at Eldridge Street help maintain the landmark Eldridge Street Synagogue and renew the building with innovative programs.

There are Many Ways to Support the Museum at Eldridge Street

Annual Fund

Your fully tax deductible unrestricted donation to the Annual Fund will help the Museum at Eldridge Street sustain and maintain the 1887 Eldridge Street Synagogue building, and support cultural and educational programs that focus on Lower East Side immigrant history, Jewish-American culture, and architectural preservation.

Honor and Memory Gifts

When you make a gift of $36 or more in honor or memory of someone dear or marking a special occasion we will send an “In Memory” or “In Honor” card to your designee informing them of your thoughtful gift.

Glass Block Tribute Wall Dedications

The restoration of our historic building is your story: that of one generation’s deep respect for the sacrifices and memories of earlier generations, and continuity and joy of mitzvahs celebrating our families and friends today. The historic glass blocks that once composed the sanctuary’s east window are now reframed on the synagogue’s first floor. In association with this glass block wall, a corresponding wall contains only 208 panels for permanent dedications. Each dedication is $1,800 which can be fulfilled through a one-time gift or in installation payments. Please don’t miss this unique opportunity to help preserve the history and mitzvahs of your family and friends.

Underwriting Cultural and Educational Programs

Throughout the year, there are many opportunities to underwrite the Museum’s public programs, each offering significant exposure and credit.  These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Pre-K to Grade 12 Education

The Museum at Eldridge Street serves more than 7,500 children through its K-12 educational programs, Preservation Detectives program for ages 4-10, and unique tours for children and adults with physical, emotional or learning disabilities.

Adult Education & Scholar in Residence Program

The Museum believes that learning is a life-long endeavor. Our Scholar in Residence program features lectures and adult-education classes that explore Biblical, historical and contemporary Jewish-American themes and issues, as well as Lower East Side history, memoir writing and more.


The Museum at Eldridge Street’s collections include photographs, minute books, ledgers, oral histories, and myriad other historical artifacts and documents pertinent to our focus on Lower East Side immigration, American-Jewish history and culture, and architectural preservation. Our archivist assists students and scholars in accessing these materials for their studies; provides fascinating information about items in the collection on the Museum’s website; and showcases collection materials through on-site exhibitions.


The Eldridge Street Synagogue is a beautiful site to listen to music. Museum concerts include our “Lost and Found” series featuring music by composers and musicians of varied musical genres that represent Jewish musical forms that were at risk of disappearing but are being rediscovered and reinvented by a new generation of musicians.  Sponsor a concert or the entire concert series.

Preservation and Conservation

One of the Museum’s main mission goals is to restore and maintain our beautiful National Historic Landmark 1887 Eldridge Street Synagogue. Permanent naming opportunities are available for major gifts.

Investing in the Future: The Museum’s 1887 Society

The Museum at Eldridge Street has established the 1887 Society to recognize individuals who have chosen to create a legacy that will live on at Eldridge Street by establishing a “planned gift” to benefit the Museum.