" It is possible to be awestruck by the exotic splendor of this meticulously restored sanctuary."

Edward Rothstein, New York Times




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Original design, 1887; restored 1986-2007
Brass with etched glass shades
Diameter, approximately 40 inches

The pink glass shades on this elaborate chandelier cast a warm, welcoming glow as congregants enter the synagogue. This brass fixture is the only one in the synagogue that uses glass shades lined in pink rather than in green.

This fixture became severely deteriorated during the building’s period of decline. According to the Museum’s lighting restorer, Dawn Ladd of Aurora Lampworks, a less meticulous restoration project would not have taken on the task of restoring such a damaged fixture. Because of the Museum’s dedication to restoration and original detail, this chandelier was salvaged and continues to be one of the most striking features of the vestibule.

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